Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random musical thoughts of a Tuesday Morning.

People often ask me, “Will you please leave me alone,” no seriously, people ask me how I can justify writing about Steve Albini one week and then the next write about top 40 r&b, punk one day and disco the next. Simple answer, step into your kitchen and take a common or garden spoon and a pot. Now turn the pot over with the bottom facing up (minds out of the sewer please) hit the bottom of the pot with the spoon. What just happened? A noise. Right, music is all just sounds and noise. There you go, now put the pot on the cooker and give me a call when dinner’s ready and I’ll be over with a cheeky bottle of wine. Ho ho, hyuh, hyuh, chortle.

 “But It’s not as easy as that there buster,” I hear you plaintively say, “because Steve Albini has a certain attitude towards the music industry and you’re betraying that stance by covering goddamn Brandy.” Firstly do not use profane language around Brandy’s name, beg for forgiveness and listen to “The Boy Is Mine” twice, and secondly I am talking about Steve Albini not through him, nor have I really conveyed how he feels about the music industry because I haven’t, as yet. talked about that at all, and Steve Albini would be the best person to do that, not me.

In reality the issue isn’t really music, the issue is an unwillingness to cave to niche marketing and internalize it as a sense of taste and then worship at its golden calf. I like music and a lot of it, a lot of soulful stuff, a lot of noisy angry stuff, a lot of bleepity, bloopity stuff that’s fun to dance to, and a lot more. It might be Gina X at 1:00PM but by 4;30 it might be The Whatnauts and by 8:00PM Dinosaur Jr. and then I’ll go to a club at 9:00PM to dj top 40 rap and R&B and some classic jams for four hours, and then come home at 3;00AM and listen to Dexter Wansel on my mp3 playing device that I shall not use the brand name of.

Am I writing about this because I think I’m special, nope, I’m writing because I know I’m not and because I’m bored senseless and listening to Dee Dee Bridgewater to give me some motivation to go out, and anyway you’ve read it, haven’t ya? And please do keep reading.


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