Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Poptasticness at its bestness!

If you haven’t seen the latest Negativland DVD, Our Favorite Things, I suggest that you rush to their online store or to your nearest discerning movie rental joint, grab it and give it a watch. It’s spellbinding, informative, irreverent and subversive all in one fell swoop. The editing is incredible, the images will be burnt on your frontal lobe and you’ll laugh out loud at some of the segments in it. In the meantime before you rush out the door you should stop and think for a second about getting the latest release on Negativland’s Seeland label. It’s called “The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus” by Poptastic and it’s as mind warping and riotous as anything released on this imprint.

Experimental producers Chris Fitzpatrick, Thomas Dimuzio and random friends wrote and produced an entire album of sappy, top 40 style pop, then completely deconstructed it with more plug ins than you can wave a stick at. The concept of the record is that a computer virus has infected a studio and this album has been corrupted by it. The CD was also designed to only play the “hits” in CD shuffle mode but when played in a continuous way it is a single interwoven piece of work. And though the album sounds like a mess — albeit a good mess — it is comprised of a dense weave of editing, remixing, arranging and de-arranging.

This is exactly what you’d like to do to that annoying Britney track or Beyonce’s recent irritating oeuvres, but then to have the chance to release it too, what joy! As producer Dimuzio says, “Poptastic is just plain wrong.” Indeed it is, thank god!


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