Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Omar Souleyman and Group Doueh Need To Visit San Francisco!

The always excellent Sublime Frequencies are teasing us americans with reports of a recent UK tour, featuring the incredible Group Doueh who spin saharan electric guitar based road music and a recent Bananaspam discovery, the unparalleled Omar Souleyman, who specializes in a bizarre and psychedelic brew of Syrian party music with hyper phased keyboard leads juxtaposed with more introspective emotional Arabic folk music. Here's to hoping the righteous Sublime Frequencies will bring the tour to the United States!!

Simon Bananaspam

Check out the video for "Leh Jani" by Omar Souleyman:

Click For mp3

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Tesla said...

Please please please! I can only dream! My friends were at the Philly concert and they said it was glorious!