Monday, July 7, 2008

Dance On The Cheese?

"Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk)" by Love International is a tasty slice of finely aged Euro dance that shouldn't be overlooked ever. It's not every day that you walk into a local thrift emporium and find a little gem like this sitting at the front of some certifiable cheese and it's only a buck fity. Some people would say that this record has a fair topping of fromage itself, but hey, that's part of its charm. This Euro oddity from 1981 has grabbed the attention of record nerds and chin strokers globally due the fact it was used in Baldelli's dj sets and was recently featured on the Compost Records "Cosmic" compilation Elaste Vol 01.

I needn't describe it, just listen to the gorgeous Seepod link below and wallow in it's slo mo, chunky Eurodisconess. And though it is a Cosmic gem and gets major props from beard caressers (chin strokers with more facial hair) all o'er this fair land and o'er yonder too, that didn't inspire me to write this here piece here that you do be reading. A guy called Phillipe Krootchey was part of Love International's line up: this was France in 1981. Jump forward a few years and a few thousand miles to Dallas, Texas in the mid to late '80s and you have the infamous Starck Club, where a Frenchman name Philippe Krootchey shows up as a resident dj.

Could this be one and the same guy? What little else I know of him is that he also shows up singing backing vocals with Arto Lindsay on a Lizzy Mercier Descloux record in 1981. He passed away in 2004, but maybe someone out there is an old Starck head and can give me some info. If he was talented and flamboyant enough to be crafting slick — albeit a little cheesy — French disco then he could also have went on to direct the mix at the Dallas den of ecstatic dancing in the middle of the city's oil boom glitz and hedonism? If you know let me know. And always remember to dance on the groove and do the funk. Hokay?


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