Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feeling Ghostly near the motor city...

Travis Kirschbaum, over at Current TV in Los Angeles, was let out of the house again (second time since last Christmas) and toddled off to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF). While there he filmed this little doozy of a piece on the Ghostly International label out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He talked to a bunch of their artists and the label boss, the dapper Sam Valenti (I need one of those tank tops!). Anyways, if you haven't heard of Ghostly (i.e. you've been under a stone on Papua New Guinea since 1917) this is a solid introduction, so keep yer eyes and ears peeled for its releases, which cover house, techno, rock, hip-hop and electro, amongst other styles. The label has been around since '99 and consistently puts out quality material, I guarantee it (like the beardy guy from Mens' Wearhouse would).


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