Friday, June 19, 2009

My New Favorite Band From SF = Girls

Our peeps in London turned us on to this band a while ago. Why do the best bands from the states consistently fare better abroad than on their own turf? In this case, that may not be entirely fair to say since they haven't even released their official debut. Time will tell. This is definitely a band to watch.

Though this tune has been floating around the web since '08, the official debut single 'Hellhole Ratrace' will be released on July 13, 2009 via Turnstile Music/ Fantasytrashcan (UK) | True Panther Sounds (US). Lovely tune and lovely video. Happy Saturday!

-Simon Bananaspam
Watch video in HD!
Girls Hellhole Ratrace - MP3


345lk3j45lk34j5l3kkj said...

Good musical experience. Those over the seas seem to be a bit more honest with themselves. Here, I think they try to hard. Of course, it would take some inward honesty to even admit that.

Bazil said...

No doubt.