Sunday, June 22, 2008

Death Before Distemper 2

J. Saul Kane’s DC Recordings label has always been hard to pigeon-hole and that is a damned good thing in the generic world of modern music. Kane started out in the late ‘80s crafting spooky down-tempo tracks like “Bounty Killer; a flawless fusion of Spaghetti Western dialog, a slowed down Bizarre Inc. bassline and beefy funk breaks. In 1995 he kicked off his own imprint as an outlet for his Depth Charge, Octagon Man and Alexander’s Dark Band projects. Along the way he has signed up the likes of Richard Sen and Neal Beatnik’s Padded Cell, and outfits like Oscillation, The Emperor Machine (Andy Meecham of Bizarre Inc. and Chicken Lips), White Light Circus (Dean Meredith of Bizarre Inc. and Chicken Lips) and Kelpe.

The label’s new compilation, Death Before Distemper 2 – Revenge of the Iron Ferret, is a slick amalgam of psychedelia, funk, Italian horror movie soundtracks, disco and prog rock. There might even be a bit of Lithuanian Nose Flute music in there too, but whether there is or not, this record grooves, grinds, flutters, fidgets and spooks one into submission. Kelpe’s “Shipwreck Glue,” does the trick with its squelchy, alien funk, Padded Cell comes correct with “Beautiful Gloom” remixed by Liquid Liquid’s Dennis Young, who also plays percussion on the tune, and “Castle Of Doom” by Depth Charge is a moody little number for unsettling yourself to in the dark.

This record dropped a few weeks ago and it is very nice in a dark, foreboding and sinister kinda way. I would investigate and perhaps invest, and put it to the test. Who said that unnerving and spooky can’t be groovy too?


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