Thursday, June 26, 2008

SKATE ROCK Time Capsule

In 1983, Thrasher Magazine started releasing a series of tapes and vinyl that captured the outlaw skate-punk spirit of the day with bands like The Faction, JFA and Tsol. The Skate Rock compilation tapes will bring you back to the days when skate culture and punk rock first collided like meteors--something that went hand in hand ever since. If you didn't experience skate culture first hand during the early to mid 80s, these compilations will definitely bring you straight back to the Del Mar Skate Ranch and the Pipeline in Upland, California.

Remember a time before skaters were steeped in faux-hip/hop regalia, Hot Topic’esque mall attire and the glut of X-Games extreme sports consumption. Let’s take a trip back to this golden era where skating was fun, rebellious, rough and raw. Skateboarding Is Not A Crime.

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