Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goblin: Magical Sound Worlds Of Argento

Some have wondered who was behind all of the magical sounds accompanying Dario Argento films? Goblin, formerly known as Cherry Five, an Italian progressive rock band, single handedly brought Argento films to life. Films like Suspiria, Tenebrae, and Profondo Rosso stood out and set itself apart from its American counterparts thanks to Goblin's work. Their revolutionary use of synthesizers and odd instrumentation provided the eerie backdrop that brought out the films' demons. Towards the end of their career in the late 70's, Goblin went on to do the soundtrack to Dawn of the Dead (originally known as Zombi) and has continued to influence the manner in which horror films are soundtracked. On the current tip, their title score for the movie Tenebrae was sampled by electro heavy weights, Justice, in their songs Phantom Pt. 1 and 2.

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