Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Babe, Terror

San Francisco is feeling like summer at the height of this economic winter. At least for the time being. What better time to dig into this Brazilian artist: Babe, Terror.

For starters, his tunes pack the disembodied ghosts of Tropicalia past with woozy harmonic ideas constructed from looping voices and stuttering drones. Track 7, entitled "Julebord" from his new album, "Weekend" feels like the spiritual offspring of Caetano Veloso's amazing "Araçá Azul." This revolutionary Brazilian psychedelic influence with a few hints of Brian Wilson and additional spookiness may draw comparisons to Panda Bear/AC and El Guincho, but he's obviously inhabiting his own cosmic primordial ooze.

We know a few things about him. He's from São Paulo, he likes Super Nintendo and he gets "it." His music to date has all been self-released and free. Download his latest, "Weekend" here, UNTIL FRIDAY (march 27). Not sure where the record will evaporate to on March 27, but it will certainly be swimming the internet seas of availability. This is a concept that Babe, Terror understands and exploits to great success, because he gets "it."

We are at the dawn of a new era for artists who understand how technology is a great ally and that content need not be policed. The labels and artists who embrace this will not only survive, but flourish. As for the others, their future is in the balance and the lawsuits will continue to fly.

For us in the bananaspam-o-sphere, enjoy the false summer if you're experiencing what we are in SF. If it's cold where you are, enjoy the future tropicalia on offer here.
His EP is also available free for download.

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