Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bullion - "Young Heartache" EP

I keep harping on about the looming post electro era and how it will manifest. It seems it will do so in a number of ways through a number of artists. From Nite Jewel to the diverse and artful onslaught of Exploited Records to this, one of my newest discoveries, Bullion. I can’t say I know much about this artist except for the “Young Heartache” EP, which I just purchased a few days ago and a few things I’ve listened to online, including the rather wicked “Rude Effort” off the “Get Familiar” 7” EP, mastered by MJ Cole no less, but I have to say that I've like what I've heard.

The “Young Heartache” EP is a sly amalgam of hip-hop, Balearic vibes — or a feel that can be easily placed in a Balearic context. Isn’t that the essence of Balearic? — and that abstract capacity for wide-eyed, Beach Boys type arrangements that make Animal Collective compelling. But this is British beat music; the raw, crooked edges of electro colliding with the enveloping warmth of the post-Bush, coke comedown. It’s infinitely less defeatist than Burial and though the music stargazes and sun worships it won’t turn into cocktail fare for yuppies.

Fire on “Time For Us All To Love” and “Are You The One?” for a brief glimpse of what is to come, and what has always been; tuneful forward, looking beat music that lifts a foot, a mood or a movement. This one creeps up on you, and that's always a good sign. A keeper, so keep harping on about it.


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ilya said...

stereo total before and after!

BananaSpam said...

You're such a geek!

sexy said...





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