Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sebastien Tellier's Kilometer Single Is A Doozy!

I have to say that I really like this new Sebastien Tellier rekkid. Four mixes in all, including the original, and they’re all banging in my opinion. The original is a mid tempo euro disco tinged thing with kitschy, sexy vocals, the Aeroplane mix is a vocoderized Italo flavored work out at 112 bpm, Arpanet get all weird, austere and Detroity at a slower tempo and the dancefloor crown goes to A-Trak’s mix, which fuses disco, Daft Punk and Todd Terry, keeps the vocal, really playing on the “right over the top refrain,” and will secure this record in your crate for daze.

It will be in your crate for days ‘cos the house folks will like it, the electro kids will get a kick out of it and even the mainstream crowd, who bug out on anything Kanye or Kid Cudi, will feel the kindred spirit in A-Trak’s kicking mix. It’s a mix for all seasons, a renaissance mix, and the record in general is a little gem, if you’re a multi-tempo, multi-genre dj like myself. It’s pressed on gorgeousful red wax, so it appeals to the vinyl junkies too. Total keeper! Get it and work it!


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