Monday, August 18, 2008

Another weekend of tunes!

What can I say? Another absolutely blinding weekend for tunes once again. This time around I unearthed a clutch of super early Chicago house tracks (like ‘85/’86 vintage — and an ’89 stormer), a kick ass boogie toon by Timmy Regisford and Boyd Jarvis, which was an early Chicago classic too, a Lee Ritenour twelve inch, which Baldelli played, and which I have been turning people onto for years plus some other nuggets. But out of the whole bunch I was truly delighted by just one, and that was a four track promo 12 inch by Stevie Wonder, a sampler from his Hotter Than July album, containing the Paradise Garage classic “All I Do.”

This is one of those records that I should have gotten 15 years ago when the garage/disco thing was flavor of the month and every house producer and their mother was sampling these nuggets that Levan, Humphries, Scott, and Forest had been hammering for years. It’s one I always kept an eye out but never totally weaseled after, knowing full well that I would chance on it some day when I least expected it. Stumbling into your local Goodwill and finding all this gear is a boon and a half, the Stevie Wonder platter was like manna from above.

That’s it, right now I’m up to my armpits in tunes, and it’s time to bust out the masking tape, the Goo Gone and a sharpie and start bpming and cleaning up these puppies. Yeah, it’s a sad, nerdy ritual but it’s better than drinking the money and then pissing it up against a wall on Saturday night.


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