Saturday, August 23, 2008

Groove Is In the Jung At Heart.

Yesterday evening, after meeting a friend at a sushi joint downtown, where the dj played the original tune Deee-Lite sampled for “Groove Is in Heart,” i.e. “Bring Down The Birds,” by Herbie Hancock from the Blow Up soundtrack, I sauntered back into the Loin and while strolling through the cross walk at Geary and Jones was passed in the street by a fast walking Lady Miss Kier, accompanied by none other than Shock G of Digital Underground. How coincidental indeed? 

Was this musical synchronicity, celebrity synchronicity (the name of a future reality TV show for the Jung at heart?), sushi synchronicity or burgeoning ‘90s revival synchronicity? Or was it all of the above? Either way it made me giggle. It’s not the first time I’ve seen the Lady in the Loin, but it was the first time seeing her accompanied by Shock G, the guy “who put the satin on your panties,” if you remember correctly.


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