Thursday, August 7, 2008

Murphy and Mahoney's Special Disco Version at Mighty

At Mighty tonight,  James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, of LCD Soundsystem, are coming through — and they’re not gonna be movin' the furniture or paintin’ the place, but they will be movin' the crowd. God I never get sick of that stupid joke, but with names like Murphy and Mahoney, and my time spent on the emerald isle, I just cannot resist it. And then you add Tim Sweeney into the mix and you have the three plastic Micks of the aah...discomix. Plastic mick or Paddy, is Irish slang for folks born abroad — especially the U.K. and the U.S.— of Irish parents or of Irish decent. I’m one myself given that I was born in Glasgow of an Irish father and Scottish mother, so no offence meant lads. Anyways nonsense aside, Murphy and Mahoney will be knocking out a Special Disco Version dj set , which will be brimming with funky, soulful grooves of a mostly vintage nature, for your bumpin’ and a grindin’ plaisir.

Special Disco Version is a new party that the pair throw in NY and now they've opted for taking it around the country and abroad too, with dates in far flung locales like Chicago, Brighton, Lisbon, London and Glasgow — of course! If you’ve heard their top notch mix for the Fabriclive series then you know what to expect. If you haven’t, then you are most certainly in for a big treat. Doors are at 9:00AM and the opening dj is Still Rob G from OM Records. After Juan Atkins at Bodyheat, and Glass Candy at the Rickshaw on Monday, this will be the third do in a very enjoyable hat trick of nights. See youz on the dancefloor I hope.


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