Monday, August 18, 2008

Spudboys Deliver!

When a band has true talent and vision, the end result is timeless. However, when a few generations have come-of-age since the band's hayday and are still in touring, bashing out the hits, some scrutinize. When they take the stage toting larger bellies, silvery manes, and wrinkles, many wonder if it is really the same. Maybe it is true that some bands should "quit while they're ahead" and it's true that sometimes legendary bands don't age well, and yes, hearing the same great songs over and over can get tired, but I certainly think this is not the case with the music of DEVO. They are not only inspirational to young and old alike, they appear to be inspired themselves.

This technologically quirky rock outfit is still touring, adorned in their plastic lemon jumpsuits, knee pads and energy domes, whilst preaching de-evolution and proclaiming their love for potatoes. I have to tell you, they still put on one HELL of a show. The stunning visuals recalling their artful and bizarre music videos from the 1970s and 80s set the stage for the technocratic messaging to come. As the band members prepare to take the stage, the crowd is seething with anticipation. This is sheer entertainment!
It gave me an uncontrollable urge to giggle with glee at such a spectacle. I mean, it was cool for me to experience it; what can I say? I can't help when I was born! (ed - ...before 1990 and later than 1985.)

To all who are quick to dismiss bands for continuing to tour through their silver years, do not put yourselves to shame by jerking back and forth. Just because a show is out of sync with its original context does not mean it doesn't take on new meaning to new fans. Maybe you should whip that prejudice, get straight, go forward and enjoy the show. But I guess I'm just a spud girl waiting for that real tomato.

-Liz Letterland

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