Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ATP NY - Friday, September 19 (Pt.1)

"Rubbed with ham" would be the theme of Day 1. This from the lips of Patton Oswalt as he riffed on the spectacularly disheveled interiors found at Kutshers Country Club, the site of the legendary ATP festival's first outing in the Catskills, hosted by My Bloody Valentine.

Meat Puppets were a proper first experience in this bizarre atmosphere. The walls in the Stage 1 auditorium, speckled in stardust and planetary bodies proved the perfect backdrop for their fantastic spaced-country punk. The songwriting still shines bright after all these years as did the extended space freakouts and fantastic guitar picking of Curt Kirkwood and co.

Tortoise performed a sonorific reading of their classic, "Millions Now Living Will Never Die", which demonstrated the dimensionality and brute power of the imported PA, leaving high expectations for the massive volume rockers to come later in the weekend. They were followed by others in the Don't Look Back series of classic recordings performed live including Thurston Moore and Built To Spill.

The vibe is high, the executive card room is buzzing amongst other things...Parts 2 and 3 to come.

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