Thursday, September 25, 2008

School Of Seven Bells

School Of Seven Bells is a new band formed by Benjamin Curtis of Secret Machines. Curtis has been around for a while, having started out in Texan garage rockers Tripping Daisy, an outfit that also contained Tim De Laughter, Mark Pirro and Bryan Wakeland of The Polyphonic Spree. In his new outfit he is joined by ex-On!Air!Library! sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza. Curtis, is a professed lover of spacey, progressive rock, as was evidenced with Secret Machines, and School Of Seven Bells definitely has an element of this coupled with some shoe gazey and electronic inclinations.

So far they have released material on US indie label Table of Elements side label Radium, British label Sonic Cathedral Recordings, Ghostly International, that Ann Arbor, Michigan based powerhouse of top tunes and refreshing eclecticism, and on Warp Records in collaboration with Prefuse 73 — aka Guillermo Scott Herren, who collaborates with Claudia Deheza as A Cloud Mireya. The couple has also produced a son, from scratch with no samples.

School of Seven Bells are out and about touring at the moment and will be touching down in the UK in late October — hell, they’re even playing in Canada, of all places — and will be in San Francisco and Los Angeles on October 28th and 29th respectively. Take some time out from arranging you Hallowe’en costume to check ‘em out and run and get their “Half Asleep”/”Caldo” single on Ghostly, which came out last week.


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