Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lilofee at Elbo Room

Lilofee played last night at Elbo Room on a bill with synth poppers Electric Valentine and Freezepop. I found the latter two outfits endearing for a while but I must confess that I lost interest after a few songs. Freezepop member Sean T remarked that the group formed as a reaction to the dire state of music at the end of the ‘90s. A valid point, no doubt, but almost ten years later the super hooky electro and synth pop that emerged in that era is sounding a little dated. Both bands write infectious and involving electro pop but sometimes depth and substance are what’s needed.

Lilofee write songs with both of these qualities and can deliver them live. “Lock and Key, ““We Belong Apart” and set closer, “Destroy Me,” are great studio songs that retain their vitality in a live setting because the lyrics are smart but not overwrought, the hooks pull you in and the band’s music is a heady amalgam of electro, indie pop and shoegaze. It doesn’t do any harm that Lilofee look pretty impressive too, as the imposing front women Kimi Record is backed by the debonair gentlemen, Rob Easson, Dan Aquino and Cyrus Etemad

The quartet will be playing on Saturday, September 20th at DNA Lounge on the roster of the new monthly shindig Superego. Make a point of being there.


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amanda said...

It is refreshing to read an honest reveiw of a local SF band.I am bored with the whole san fran "I'm okay your okay".This is not good for music,culture etc.