Friday, September 26, 2008

Not so frantic as the last un, but a goody nundaless!

Maybe this weekend won’t be as hectic as the last one, well for a start there is no Treasure Island Festival, and there aren’t a gazillion parties to check out, but happily there are two that are worthy of your attention. Tonight, Friday, Blasthaus come through with the goods once again. This time the legendary and reliable promoter presents a dj set by Kompakt owner and pioneering producer Michael Mayer at (IMHO) San Francisco’s best club venue, Mighty. Kompakt is renowned in minimal techno circles, but manages not to fall into the generic trap that many other imprints and artists in this idiom are in. Local main stay and party rousing dj Nikola Baytala is the support. It will be a damned good one, so go check it out.

On Saturday night DJ Omar and Shaun Slaughter present Full Frontal, a night of sleazy Italo, Euro disco and electro. This will be going down at the legendary San Fran club The Stud, where there have been a coupla two or three sleazy events in the past, or so I’ve heard. The fabbyless and flamboyant Javier Glitterbox guests and the event is hosted by the lovely persons of We Are Champagne. It should be a sweaty, messy and sensual ball of fun times and you could do worse than checking it out. I’ll be busy but I’ll be there in spirit, quick mixing Kano records.


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