Friday, January 2, 2009

Grace Jones - Williams Blood (Aeroplane Mix)

There’s been quite a bit of fuss about this one since it started doing the rounds as a promo. And after much anticipation it was released in the UK, December 8th,  on Wall of Sound, and in mainland Europe on Play It Again Sam. As Grace Jones’s performance on Later With Jools Holland proves, she still has the chops and the gusto. However, Aeroplane, the Belgian electronic act, take the track into a new dimension. 

Some will, of course, tag this Nu Disco — everything must be put in a sub-genre in order to allow consumers to make the right consumer choices, and we are all consumers aren’t we? But let’s just say that it is forward looking, electronic dance music that contains the right amount of melody and arrangement in order to generate movement and emotional content on the dance floor. It is the perfect antidote to minimal techno tyranny and linear house tedium and is a band wagon that will jumped on when both of those genres have been effectively flogged to death — like now.

Not that any genre needs to be flogged to death, in fact if it’s mixed with other styles of music it can retain its freshness. Look at how djs like Ron Hardy and Larry Levan played classic Salsoul disco cuts ten years after their release and mixed them up with the newer, more electronic dance music that was being released in the ‘80s. I can’t quite deduce the difference between Balearic (in its new generic context) and Nu Disco, but I’m sure that arcane mystery will be unfolded to me at some point in the near future.

In the meantime, before that undoubtedly startling revelation, enjoy this transcendent little groover. And let’s hope there’s more to come from Aeroplane. I’m sure there will. And thanks to Kevin McKay at Prestel Records in London for sending me this banging little number at such short notice.


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