Friday, January 9, 2009

Outlaw tonight!!!

If you’re going out tonight in San Francisco and you want to hear good dancing music across a range of genres played by people who know what’s up, look no further than the little shindig detailed on the flyer above. Lawrence “Foxee” Petty is throwing the do, and if you don’t know who he is darling then you need to put down that Crookers mp3 (???!!!) and read up a little. Lawrence has been around for a minute — he claims that 2009 is like 1988 (shite but on the cusp of excellentyness againz) — and used to be a staple on KMEL with local garage mainstay David Harness

David plays US garage not fucking “gay house,” (Christ I hate it when people call vocal, NY type house that). Given that house music pretty much grew out of gay club culture in NY and Chicago, calling it “gay house” is like calling Heavy Metal “heterosexually inflected rock.” Stop calling it “gay house,” you sound like a pro Prop 8 Mormon, or moron, or merman even.

Anywayz where was I? Lawrence is joined by another veteran, Mike Bee, a man who has spun IDM, Jungle, 2 Step, Broken Beat, house and much more, run his own label, has written for XLR8R and stocked Amoeba’s electronic sections on the regular. And rounding out the line up is Chris Brennan, a talented and polite young man who is given to spinning classic hip-hop, taking kicking photygraphs, dating very attractive young ladies and falling off his skateboard with disastrous results. He’s also fond of mucking around with that Jamie Jams geezer, whose monthly Debaser party gives the young team the chance to crowd surf over each other's heads all fucking night to “Freak Scene,” while sweating profusely and indulging in all manner of joyous behaviourz.

Thank you Lawrence for booking a line up that reflects thinking outside the box of “I’ll just book my friends and people that other people book duh.” It's the same mind set that will marvel at the fact that a deep house track is sitting next to Dinosaur Jr. on the gorgeousful playlist under this here blog post here. It's also the same frame of mind that makes me want to go back to the deepest Irish countryside so I can be around people who are more open minded (no shit), it's also called being a myopic suburbanite who proclaims loudly on how liberal they are but still acts and thinks like a hick. We know SF is a small city, stop turning it into a fucking village with your narrow, cliquey ways.

Go and dance at this party you fuckers, it’ll be fun, I guarantee it (yeah like that beardy guy on the Mens Wearhouse ads. And I’ll keep using this analogy until I grow fatigued with it).


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Loco said...

Bananaspam, I've been sleeping. Thanks for being my alarm clock and I'm glad I finally woke up.

WTF!?! I'M STILL LOOKING FOR MJ COLE. THE ENTIRE BAY AREA IS OUT! I'm gonna start shopping in the valley...