Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mr. White's Aeroplane EP

Mr. White, the Memphis, Tennessee based geezer whose vocals graced Larry Heard’s “The Sun Can’t Compare,” has a new record out as a joint release between Black Market in the UK and Heard’s Alleviated imprint. This is Mr. White’s first solo production, with Larry Heard providing mixing duties. It’s a three tracker with a nice acidic house edge on all the tracks. It’s hard to pick out a favorite as all three are strong, but you can't deny the charm of the title track, "Aeroplane." It's cute and lysergic all at once as White sings about flying around in a plane because the person he fancies remains indecisive about his amorous advances, while a metallic acid groove undulates underneath. And I love the little acid surges that robotically mimic “Jingo” by Candido.

“Inside Your Mind (This House Is Home)” will have you reaching for that old E-Smoove EP on Future Sound as it displays the same kind of driving, dark acid vibe that works so well deep into the AM. And finally “You Don't Answer (When I Call)” comes in like Murk colliding with Italo disco, before taking a trip down the same organ paved route as Jaydee’s “Plastic Dreams.” And lest I forget, Mr. White’s vocals on all these tracks are stellar and are evocative and soulful. Hercules and Love Affair should have a listen because this is house without the retro pomp, it’s understated like all the best house was. It’s out now on vinyl and in digital form. Keep yer ears peeled. And you can scoop the wax here, and the digital version here.


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