Sunday, January 25, 2009

Loud E's Loudefied Collection

Even though I’ve been a bit of a disco evangelist for a long while — since the early ‘90s and I remember hearing some of the genre first time around when I was knee high to a grass hopper, in fact I recall “I Feel Love” had an almost addictive effect on my childish psyche at the end of the ‘70s (as did “The Lone Ranger” by Quantum Jump) — and I will never pass up a disco nugget should it present itself to me, all the retro is beginning to wear on me significantly. It’s a combination of really wanting to hear some new dance music that’s not house, minimal techno, Italo, disco, boogie, dubstep or any other pasture that has been well and truly strayed over multiple times.

Basically the rule of thumb with this situation is, if you feel that way perhaps it is time to make your own music. Far be it from me to disparage or criticize the young team from going doolally about music that I have been going nutty about for years myself, I don’t have four enormous ceiling high shelving units devoted to disco, house and italo for nothing, and so if you’re all about the stuff more power to ya. I’m delighted that there are really good blogs devoted to uncovering the gems in all these genres and then some. I read them, I enjoy them thoroughly and I enjoy hearing tunes from way back when that I missed, or simply have never heard or heard of.

Going out and hearing a killer set of tunes you’ve never heard before is the perfect antidote to the unending wave of clubs where it’s top 40 dross all night. It baffles me why people who listen to this dung all day on their I-pods, in their cars, on the telly; every fucking where, have to hear it when they go out to a bar or club too. All that said I am waiting to hear some new stuff that just blows my socks off, but I might be waiting a while.

In the mean time one of the kings of truly obscure disco, Holland’s Loud E  just released a full CD of his special edits. It’s being released on the ever collectible Ambassador’s Reception label, and so far it seems that it’s a CD only item. It’s eleven tracks of rocking good stuff injected with that devilish Dutch sense of humor and containing more than a coupla two or three reworked tunes culled from the glut of material that Loud E deems to be below his standard. So he chops em up and makes them more usable for the dance floor.

Who am I to complain? And who are you to complain too, especially if you’re a disco, italo, cosmic or boogie nut? If you fall into any — or all — of these categories then get out and grab this little gem when it drops. It’ll work the party in your Saturday evening living room as it will the club or after hours spot. A keeper.


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DeB said...

Hi, i search :
Loud E - I feel love
since long time
have you this ?
big thank in advance