Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rex The Dog's hecka cute vid and other thoughts.

Though I get pulled in the direction of indie rock, infectious pop, classical music, jazz and punk (in its halcyon late 70s British form and the intense and beautiful American interpretation of the ‘80s) I am always pulled back to the orbit of dance music. Currently there aren't enough good toons out there, and though my ears and feet flirt with ‘70s soul and disco, Italo, and the 2 Step garage of the early noughties (2000s) my heart will always have a big place for late ‘80s and early 90s NY garage and for Detroit techno.

To me tech house in its perfect form — this is something I wrote about while I was techno editor at XLR8R in ’96 — would be a fusion of the best Detroit techno and the best, funkiest and most abstract NY dubs, with the odd vocal thrown in to ease the tension and prepare for the next wave of electronic confusion. Bliss!!

However, at the moment I’m finding the music of Rex the Dog quite blissful too, and the video above is too cute and clever for words, as is the tune with it’s blatant Yazoo sample — doesn’t Alison Moyet have a banging voice? Anyways, I thought I would share this with you and the video too. Keep movin’ on, keep pressin’ on.


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